Our Story: 

Two of us deeply vested in the gear industry to a point of sheer infatuation, quickly turned into the obvious idea to start our very own business.  Simply put, where we lacked funds, we filled its place with passion.  We saw beauty in the way that the standard was evolving in which life saving equipment was being produced.  Processes were becoming more efficient, training was becoming more prevalent, and the idea of being a prepared citizen was on the rise like never before. 

The two of us were struck with the entrepreneurial seizure, at which point, nothing would ever be the same; it was time for us to dig in and begin to do the research, study the market, and figure out how to improve the functionality of the equipment many trust their lives with.  These things take time, our goals are rather large, but we hope that you stick around, because we are here to stay. 

Though the growth of a business can be extremely challenging, we truly believe there is no one else out there who wants to see the industry flourish more than the three of us here at Dead or Alive.